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Nara Shikamaru portret

Nara Shikamaru character belongs to Masashi Kishimoto .

Naruto Sage Mode

Zilele astea m-au apucat retusarile unor modele 3D mai vechi, printre care si acest Naruto vechi de….1 an? Cred ca mai mult.

NaruHina Kiss

So this is a new Naruhina fanart, a kiss :)


Hinata shy

She is inlove, but also, she is shy. Hinata is so cute when she’s blushing.

Fanart made with Photoshop CS5 and a pen tablet.

“Naruto Kun”

Hinata’s dream is that Naruto notice her and share their love.

Done in Photoshop CS5. Enjoy

Lines- sketch

Naruto characters belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Hot Sake Jiraiya and Matsumoto

I made a new anime fanart… this time featuring Jiraiya(from Naruto) and Matsumoto Rangiku(from Bleach). Those two have a common passion…for sake (and also they are two perverts).
So…. here it is.

NaruHina Our moment

This is a fanart of Naruto and Hinata prohibited by deviantart for being underage erotic. So my response was that the characters in my artwork were matured and…for God sake, this is a fanart and no sexual matters were presented, only a slightly semi nude.
So, here it is:

Naruto si Hinata – un pui de somn în hamac

Un nou fanart realizat integral în Photoshop CS5, imagine ce prezintă deja celebrul cuplu de prin lumea anime-urilor, Naruto și Hinata.