Saved by the Might

My favourite superhero is not Superman, nor Captain America, nor Spiderman or other comic heroes. Well…my superhero is Mighty Mouse. I loved those cartoons…and still love them.

So…here it is my gratitude for this awesome, satiric hero and his beloved Pearl Pureheart.

Made integrally in Adobe Photoshop CS5 .


Some lines

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7 Responses to “Saved by the Might”

  1. dragos says:

    Daca vrei sa faci bani din ceea ce scrii, incearca Blogmoney si inscrie-te!

  2. Goldmidas says:

    Mersi , dar am deja cont ;)

  3. Blogeru says:

    Am si eu supereroi :))

    2.Mighty Mouse
    3.Captain America :))

  4. Goldmidas says:

    ma mira de Mighty Mouse…eu unul stau cu el la avatar de o luna si n-a fost nimeni in stare sa recunoasca personajul :D

  5. spider says:

    heyyyy, cum nimeni ca eu cum ti-am vazut avataru am stiut cine e :)))

  6. Goldmidas says:

    pai da, dar pana sa il vezi tu :))…eheee

  7. spider says:

    lolz :)))

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